Christmas is Coming!!!

I love Christmas.
I love the excitement people have.  I love the first snow fall.  I love seeing Christmas lights up.  I love the extra joy that people tend to have.  I love hot cocoa.  I love Christmas music. I love trying to find gifts for people.  I love watching Christmas movies.  I love taking extra time to think about Jesus Christ.  I love hearing about stories of kindness and generosity that take place this time of year.
I just love Christmas.

Here are some Christmasy things we've done thus far:

Enjoyed our first big Minnesota snow storm
This is our view of the parking lot in our complex

1 foot of snow

 Our awesome snowman

I made a Christmas craft
A wreath for our door using a paper rose tutorial and the help of my friend Cami.  We started to make these wreaths a couple months ago...I just barely finished :)

We made reindeer cookies
Martin and I teach the 16-18 year olds in our church youth group and we wanted to give them a little Christmas treat :)

We watched Christmas movies in our sweet footy PJ's

Annnnd I took a festive pregnancy weekly update picture
Tausha, these are for you.  Please wear your matching outfit for me this Christmas :) 
Week 21



20 Weeks

I am amazed at how much my belly is growing!  
I have literally felt it significantly grow over the last 4 or so days.  Some days it's itchy, some days it's sore, and other days I feel like my stomach is about to pop!  
Yet, I still have about half the pregnancy to go...oh my.  
On the bright side, cocoa butter and I have become fantastic friends and the only symptoms I've had over the last couple of weeks are tiredness, being extra hungry, and a growing belly!

We forgot to take pictures from week 19 but here are weeks 18 and 20

Week 18
We painted my tummy for week 18
(this was before we knew we're having a boy and a girl)

*After I posted this I realized that I forgot to include a link to my sister-in-law's photography blog where she originally came up with the idea of painting on a pregnant belly.  She is a fantastic photographer and SO creative!

Here's a post from when she was pregnant and let her kids finger paint her tummy:

Week 20