Babies and Bellys

Madilyn and Spencer are 4 weeks and 2 days old, that amazes me!
Tuesday was my due date and it is so weird to think that our babies technically could have still been waiting to make their debut in this world.

It has been SO incredible to be a mommy.  I genuinely love it.  It hasn't been easy though.  
Some nights (like last night) are very long and sometimes I have no idea how to soothe 2 crying babies.
It has been lots of work, but all the work is so rewarding.
My life has been changed drastically in countless, positive ways.

There are so many little things that happen that crack us up, make us smile, and wrap us 
around those little babies' fingers every day.
Madilyn going through 4 outfits in 20 minutes
Going through over 150 diapers in one week
Seeing Marty snuggled up with one/both of the babies
Realizing that I produce almost a half a gallon of milk every day - talk about feeling like a cow :)
Locking eyes with the babies and feeling like they know who I am
Spencer's wide smile and Madilyn's cute little grin
Being pooped and peed on in one diaper change
The hilarious noises that the babies make (Madilyn makes this awesome dolphin noise)
and much much more...

Here are pictures of them at 4 weeks old

Another thing that was interesting to me was looking back at my weekly pregnancy pictures and
seeing just how HUGE I was!!!  Seriously, it amazes me.
I don't think I realized just how big my belly was while it was attached to me.
It makes sense though, considering I had
over 12 lbs of baby inside me.
Well, I decided to compile all of my weekly pregnancy pictures to see
the progression of my belly...it's pretty crazy!

The 11 week and 35 week pictures display the drastic change pretty well

CRAZY!!!  It makes me really excited to be able to exercise and run again :)

And here are two more pictures of complete twin cuteness :)