DI Date

On this date, we went to DI with a budget to find clothes for each other. As you can see, Katy dressed Marty up as a high school football player (shoulder pads and everything), and Marty dressed Katy up as an 80's... hotty. Check out those boots. We all went to a park and played afterwards.

How we met: Mona Lake

Towards the beginning of the semester, a group from the ward was driving to Mona Lake to swing off of rope swings into the water. Katy knew where she was going, so she gave Marty her phone number in case he got lost (bad sense of direction). Katy saw Marty with his shirt off...enough said :)

Our first official Date - Skittle Bowling

Our first official date was 'skittle bowling' at Fat Cats bowling alley. Marty was talking with Katy at the ward social one Sunday night and when he returned home to his apartment, the guys were talking about doing a group date. Marty knew just who he wanted to ask, so he walked right back over to Katy's apartment and asked if she would like to go with him. She said yes...

The day of the date, Marty got ready and walked over to Katy's apartment to pick her up. He knocked on the door and waited... and waited... and waited. All the time he was thinking "she is probably just fixing her hair or something because she wants to look good." Then it hit him. He was at the wrong door! And he was so glad that the girls in the apartment that he went to did not answer. So he hurried up the set of stairs that took him to the right door... and the rest is history :)