We found out that some people roll eggs down a hill for easter...

We have no idea what the story is behind that one, so we made it up. We painted a ton of easter eggs with one that said 'Jesus' on it. We went with our friends Brian and Nicole to Rock Canyon Park and we played bocci ball with the Jesus egg as the one you try to get close to (try to get close to Jesus).

It was a lot of fun.

Romantic Dinner

We made dinner and ate it out on our porch in the sunshine

Christmas lights at temple square

2nd Best Date Ever!

September 3, 2010.  That's a great date.    I'm not talking about the kind of date where you go out to dinner and a movie, but the specific day of the year when something spectacular happens that must be documented.The only reason why it's the 2nd best and not THE best date, is because December 21st (our wedding day) was hands down THE best date in our life.   On the 2nd best date, September 3, 2010, Martin Gille asked me to be his wife for eternity!!!  Woo hoo!                                                                       

The story is long, but it is pretty incredible.  We flew to Florida to celebrate Stephen and Stephani's wedding (Martin's brother and his bride), little did I know that Martin had a sneaky plan up his sleeve.  The night before he proposed I went on a run with Tiffany and Kat (Martin's sisters) and we got to chat a whole bunch and get Rita's Italian Ice.  While Tiffany and Kat distracted me, Martin was learning how to drive a boat.  I was absolutely clueless to any clever plans taking place, so as far as I was concerned, we all had a good nights rest and planned on meeting up at the beach the next morning.

The morning of September 3, 2010 Marty and I drove to Sand Key Beach and played in the water while we waited for the family to get there.  As we were playing, Martin started to swim towards a random boat anchored nearby.  I followed him and asked him what in the world he was doing when he started to get into a boat that definitely wasn't his!  It took all of 2 seconds for me to crawl in after he calmly assured me it was OK.  We took off and cruised along the shoreline and eventually made our way to an area where several islands sat in the water.  I pointed to the island with a tree and said, "Let's go to that one!"  With a smile on his face Martin said, "OK!"

We began pulling up to the island that I happened to request a visit to and slowly some objects came into my sight: a picnic basket, beach chairs, tiki torches, roses, and some other great touches like pretty blue ribbon (my favorite color).  We anchored the boat and as we got out I turned to Martin and asked, "What's going on?"  Martin took my hand and proceeded to guide me towards the lovely supplies waiting for us.  He then knelt down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage and said some other very sweet things that melted my heart.  I love Martin Gille, and of course, I shouted out yes. :)

We enjoyed our little island together for several minutes before a tour boat pulled up and a large group of tourists joined us on the island!  I could hardly contain myself after just barely experiencing such an awesome event and I shouted over to all the tourists, "He just proposed!!!"  After lots of cheers and some pictures taken of the "couple on the island" we enjoyed the treats Martin's sisters had left for us in the picnic basket.  I had a hard time staying still because I wanted the whole world to know that I, Katy (then) Carney, would get to marry THE Martin Gille.  We packed up, headed to the boat, only to find a couple of inches of water inside of it...nothing could get in the way of OUR day though.  So we scooped out the water and made our way back to the beach!

Ok, I know this is already a fairy tale story but it just gets better from here.  As we drove along the shore we were joined by some spectacular creatures.  Dolphins literally started swimming along side our boat like we were in the movies!  No joke!  It couldn't have been more perfect!  When we got back to the beach we were greeted by our family and all the masterminds of this fantastic proposal.  Needless to say, I have some incredible family members and ONE fantastic husband.  :)

Paper Mache Turkey

Marty had Knee Surgery before Thanksgiving, so we did an indoor date.

We made a paper mache pinata (you can see the picture on the wall that we used as a model)

And we turned it into a Turkey!

Watermelon Boats

 We went to a gazebo and made boats out of watermelons.

 And then we floated them down the Provo River


We spent a day in Moab:

We hiked the delicate arch

We hiked to a sweet waterfall!

We ran into my dad (very random)
 We shot guns (you can see the shell in the air)

We explored!

And we fished with a cast net (Katy caught 2 fish), Marty caught a bunch of sticks.

It was an awesome trip

Our Spot

We went to "our spot" on Y mountain with drawing pads and paintbrush markers, then we painted the horizon.

Stewart Falls Hike

We rode our scooter up to the base of the Stewart Falls hike, and hiked our way up.

Kat and Tiff and Marty's dad were there too!

Scooter Rides!

During the summer, we'd go on scooter rides through the mountain roads. We've gone as far north as Stewart Falls (through Provo Canyon and past Sundance), and as far south as Spanish Fork Canyon (with the big windmills), as far west as Utah Lake, and as far east as the mountains will allow us (we even did a little off-roading).


Archery Date

Last Friday we went with a bunch of our close friends on a big group date to an archery range near by.  I felt like Robbin Hood or the elves on Lord of the Rings, it was awesome :)  Marty hit a bulls eye (we documented it below) and I hit...the area around the target!  It was tons of fun, a great date night over one incredible weekend!