Our Story

Ever since we started dating we have tried really hard to go on a date once a week.  As you can imagine, with two crazy schedules that can get kind of difficult.  We're both taking classes, Martin's working, I'm student teaching, we both are involved in church responsibilities, and there is just always a lot to do!  All relationships take work and we know that the work is TOTALLY worth it!

We love to have fun, laugh, and smile together and I gotta admit, we have been on some pretty sweet dates together!  One of our goals is to go on a date every week and we want to be able to document all of our adventures.  The options we had were to scrap book everything or to make a blog.

Scrapbooks = lots of time and $ but something I love to do.
Blog = free...enough said.

So here it is!  Something we can look back on for years to come :)

Martin already posted about our first date, first time meeting and several other dates, but here are some pictures from a few more adventures we've been on:

Snowshoeing (Jan 2011)                                 Camping in our living room
                                                                                        (Feb-ish 2011)

                                                        Turkey Pinata (Nov 2010)                                           

Temple Square Christmas Lights
                                                                         (Dec 2010)

                                           Watermelon boat races (summer 2010)



I am so incredibly, madly in love with you!  You are mi caballero de brillante armadura and I am your princesa.  You make me smile, laugh, and see how wonderful life is.  I seriously look forward to our date nights because we get to be creative, we get to try new things, and we get to be together.  Thanks for being my handsome handsome husband.

I love you!