Art Night!!!

We made a sweet mural on the concrete walls of our below-ground porch. We used sidewalk chalk, and we didn't expect much going into it, but it actually ended up being really cool!

Then we (mainly Katy) made some melted crayon art.

Marty My Man Turned 24!!!

I love my husband so much.  I really do :) Martin, you are an outstanding man.  I love your smile, your laugh, your ability to make me laugh and how sweet you are.  I love being married to you!  I love that you think before you speak and before you do something.  I love how patient you are, especially with me.  I love that you still love me and will kiss me in the mornings even though we both have morning breathe.  I love that you love to snuggle.  Seriously, snuggle time is precious time and I am grumpy when I don't get it.  I love that you are a gentleman: you always open the door for me and you treat me like a lady.  I love that you live in the moment: like when we are cleaning the kitchen and you pull me in close for a romantic dance.  I love that you are confident, like how you wear your baller shoes to school or your birthday crown all day long.  I love that you will scoop me up in your arms and carry me as your princesa to bed when I fall asleep on the couch.  I love how you love to play.  I love that you are always looking for ways to be outside and actively doing something.  I love how you are with kids.  Our little neighbor kids adore you (and so do I) because you are creative, willing to play, willing to teach, patient, and fun!  I love that you are forgiving and reliable.  You always keep your word.  I love that we are best friends.  I love that we hold hands.  I just love YOU Martin.  Happy Birthday!!!

Sweetheart Supper

I have an awesome family and one of my awesome Aunts put together a lovely Valentine's Day date-night.  Everything was love themed. Heart shaped rolls, love potion drinks, and lots and lots of red colored food and more goodies (words don't do it justice).  Basically, it was delicious food, great company, and a wonderful night!

Almost all of the love birds (Kyle and Taylor are sharing the love)

I'm so in love with this man :)

The cute engaged couple