Nursery Makeover

When we moved to Illinois we gained a life-changing thing...a 2nd bedroom!
Before we moved we had a cute little one bedroom apartment.  
Well, babies come with a lot of gear and that one bedroom apartment very quickly became very crowded.
Our living room became the living-dining-play-baby room.
We had the crib in one corner, TV in another, rocking chair/nursing station in another, swings along one wall, and two large couches thrown in there somewhere. 
I wish I had pictures because the words don't do it justice.
Our apartment was crowded, to say the least, but it was still home!

Anyways, when we moved we got a 2 bedroom apartment and with that came the chance to decorate a cute little nursery for our sweet sweet babies!
My mom came in town and we just went at it.  I wanted something bright with lots of color since we can't paint our walls here.  I love how it turned out - here are some pictures: 

                                         Before                                                                        After

My talented mama made curtains, a crib skirt, and a tablecloth out of a duvet cover we found.  They add so much to the room - and I LOVE the chevron print.

I love how the collage turned out too.

We painted wooden letters and a bunch of frames that we found on clearance 
and then filled the frames with coordinating fabric and paper.

There wasn't much to do to the changing table besides find cute baskets, 
but we did find a darling quote about twins to put on the wall.

Here's the quote

I had fun practicing my graphic design skills to create the quote about twins and the
 "I Am a Child of God" phrase in the picture below.

Kyle and Taylor gave us that picture of Christ with the two children and it is so special to me. 
I hope that we will be able to teach our babies how much Jesus and Heavenly Father love them. 
We have it hanging on the wall you see as you walk into their nursery

I had such a good time with my mom making the nursery come to life. It was so nice to have a buddy to bounce ideas off of and to dash to a million stores with and to have help trading off on baby duty with. 
She is Wonder Woman.

I think the babies like their new nursery too :)
Spencer on left, Madilyn on right. 
And we posed them like this...they definitely aren't pulling themselves up already.

Oh and a funny story I want to document happened when we were searching for wooden letters to spell out the babies' names.  We had gone to Hobby Lobby and bought all the letters to spell out their names, but each letter was $1.50 so it ended up being almost $30 for letters and I was on a $100 budget!  So we decided to make one last stop by Michael's to see if they had wooden letters for a cheaper price.  I dashed in alone while my mom stayed in the car with the babies.  

I had a hard time finding where the letters were in the store and couldn't find an employee to ask.  I finally found them and was so excited because they were only $0.50 each (1/3 the Hobby Lobby Price!).  The only problem was that they didn't have all the letters I needed and they were a different font from the Hobby Lobby ones so I couldn't just mix and match.  After tracking down employees, waiting in a couple lines, and calling nearby stores I finally bought the letters knowing that another store had letters too.  

Anyways, what I thought would be maybe 15 minutes in the store ended up being 45 minutes!  After buying the letters I hurried out of the store to get back to my mom in the car with the babies.  As I came into view of the car I saw my mom holding Spencer and singing songs to him with a slightly frazzled look on her face.  Then I opened the driver's side door and instantly understood the frazzled look.  Madi was laying on the driver's seat, Spencer was crying, and my sweet mom was trying to calm him down with songs while keeping a hand on Madi and trying to entertain her.  She was a trooper taking care of 2 tired babies for 45 min in a car while having no idea where the heck I was because I had left my phone in the car.  
Thank you mom, I owe you :)